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What is Bioclear Dentistry?

Bioclear is a state-of-the-art restorative dentistry technique that can give you a beautiful and radiant smile without significantly reducing your natural tooth structure.

Traditional ceramic dentistry, including veneers and crowns, can offer a beautiful result, but at what cost to your tooth? While sometimes necessary to correct a fractured or severely worn tooth, crowns and veneers can be overly aggressive when treating teeth that need cosmetic enhancement, but are otherwise healthy. Bioclear takes advantage of the strength and beauty of composite resin to rejuvenate teeth safely and conservatively.

Is it the same as bonding?

In a word, NO!

Traditional dental bonding is performed using a layering technique, stacking composite onto the tooth and shaping it as you go. Bioclear is a vastly different approach. Using specially designed matrix bands or carriers, an "aquarium" is built around the tooth and the composite is injection moulded into the form and cured in one pass. The benefit of this method is a restoration that is denser, stronger, and free of porosity or defects that will inevitably stain and wear with traditional bonding.

Can Bioclear close spaces?


Some patients don't desire wholesale changes to the appearance of their teeth, but want to improve subtle imperfections here and there, such as excess spacing between the teeth. Bioclear is extremely effective at producing a natural result without completely altering your smile.

Can Bioclear fix my black triangles?

One of the things that Bioclear is particularly well suited for is closing gaps, or the dreaded "black triangle." Because of the unique nature of the carrier matrices, we can prevent unnatural shapes and sharp ledges at the gumline, which is an often seen problem with traditional bonding when closing black triangles.

Does Bioclear require special training?

Dr. Drennan has trained extensively with the pioneer of the Bioclear Method, Dr. David Clark, at his Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, WA.

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