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Home Maintenance for Oral Appliances

When cleaning your nightguard or oral appliance, it is important to pay careful attention to prevent causing wear or damage. Following these steps will ensure they stay clean and intact to prevent the need for replacement.

After wearing your nightguard or oral appliance overnight, rinse it with warm water. It is very important to avoid using hot water to make sure it does not become warped. You can also brush it using a small amount of mild soap. Make sure to use a separate, soft bristled toothbrush to clean your appliance.

Do not use toothpaste or any other abrasive material to clean your appliance to make sure it does not become damaged.

Once your appliance has air dried, place it back in its proper case so it stays protected. Cleaning your case regularly will make sure it remains a sanitary place to store your appliance.

It is important to practice good appliance maintenance to maintain its cleanliness and protect your investment so it lasts for a long time.

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