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Abfraction Bondings

When repairing a non-carious cervical lesion, your doctor may recommend using composite to restore the structure, shape, and appearance of your tooth.
During the first step, the damaged portion of your tooth is prepared and shaped to allow the composite material to bond effectively to it.

Next, a special bonding agent is applied to the prepared area- this bonding process helps to ensure that the composite will attach to the natural tooth structure.
A special curing light is then used to set the bonding fluid.

Your doctor then applies the composite material to fill the prepared area, and shapes it to match the contours of your tooth surface.

Again using the special curing light, the shaped composite is hardened and set in place.

As a final step, your doctor will polish the composite to smoothen it to give it a similar sheen to the rest of your tooth.

Once completed, the lesion has been repaired and your tooth structure is restored to optimal strength and appearance.

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