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Orthodontic Intrusion

As part of treatment to correct tooth eruption due to wear or a gummy smile, sometimes teeth need to be repositioned towards the gumline to improve their esthetics, function, or both.

Using a procedure called orthodontic intrusion, your doctor can strategically place brackets on your teeth and gradually reposition them vertically towards the gumline and into preferred alignment.

During this process, not only are the teeth themselves repositioned, but the gums and underlying bone also move vertically in concert with them, preserving their original length. A very light yet constant force is required during intrusion to ensure desired results. This is due to the concentrated pressure being placed on the teeth. Treatment time will vary depending on the patient and extent of tooth movement required.

When treatment is completed, your teeth will be more ideally positioned, allowing for improved function and appearance. This may also allow for additional restorative care to proceed depending on your unique situation.

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